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Review of Emily the Criminal n°2

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Emily the criminal is a Drama film written and directed by John Patton Ford. 
The main character Emily is a young, determined woman with a criminal record and a lot of student debt. Emily has too many debts and no real job to pay it off so she ends up joining an illegal network which is not without consequences. In fact, this film takes us into the dark side of Los Angeles and more generally of the United States. The director shows us, through this film, that it is difficult for a large number of people to pay the university and a lot of other things and later to repay sometimes really high debts and therefore enjoy a good life. But above all, it highlights that the American Dream is only an illusion through a woman who will do EVERYTHING to get out of it and pay her debts. 
I enjoyed this film, the action, the fact that the main character is an independent and determined woman. However, I didn’t really like the ending, I was expecting a twist in the plot. I understand why she did it but I did not find her action courageous, it was for me a bit cowardly. I really feel that for her all that mattered was the money the rest was not important. But being selfish was perhaps her only chance of survival. She chose herself that’s probably what anyone in her situation would do and maybe that’s what is brave, she’ll have to live with her action for the rest of her life. 
Life does not always have a happy ending. 


Written by BAUDRIBOIS Charlie

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