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Visiting Melhus high school and attending a soccer tournament !

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Visiting Melhus high school and attending a soccer tournament !

While staying over for our trip with the euro class in Norway, we visited 2 high schools, one of which is agricultural and other is Melhus, a school mostly specialized in professional classes in electricity and carpentry. We are going to talk about Melhus and especially of our visit to this school ! So when we arrived, we went directly to see an indoor football (soccer) match, it was an inter-school competition. It was great because we felt a collective hype towards Melhus’s team especially. The atmosphere made it impossible not to take part in cheering.Unexpectedly, at each goal or half-time they played French music like Stromae. After the matches, we were taken around the school by some teachers.

We left the gymnasium and then went to another special building for carpentry, in fact, as mentioned earlier this school has several wings dedicated to different types of specialization for different jobs. So the place for the wood workshop was huge with simulations of small rooms. A teacher explained to us how everything works in carpentry.

Then we changed buildings again to arrive at a room fitted out for electricity lessons. We spoke with the students who were practicing and they showed us some basic electric installations. We also walked through the kitchen just to access another part of the high school.

After the kitchen we went to the school library which looked like an amphitheater but with a bookshelves and board games (we played monopoly). Then it was time to eat so we met up at the cafeteria, there was a lot of pizza waiting for us, not to our displeasure. Once we finished eating, we went to see a movie in the school auditorium which very much looked like a cinema, red carpets and seats, ambiance lights…etc Even if we used it as a “cinema” students specialized in design and visuals use it the most.


Article written by Erwan ANDRES, Camille CHARON and Etienne OBLIN

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