Euro Section Travelogue 9 : Amsterdam - Lycée Ferdinand BUISSON ELBEUF

Euro Section Travelogue 9 : Amsterdam

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Thursday 17 january, we went to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

After lost the half of the students at the off of the bus because of the many bikes (first mean of locomotion in Amsterdam).

We visited the beautiful streets of Amsterdam bordered by the gabled houses.

At 10 am, we started the visit of the Anne Frank House. The story of this little jewish girl affected us.

Then we cross town and had a free time in this pretty city to lunch. After eating, we meet us and visited the Rijksmuseum during 1 hour there is a museum who regroup lot of artistics movements, (Middle Age to Modern times).

We went out to see the flowers floatting marketplace where we could buy lot of souvenirs. To finish up this beautiful sunny day we did a boat tour on the Amsterdam’s canals it wa very nice and we could more visit this interesting city.

Article by : Louann, Pauline, Manon and Elisa

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