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Euro Section Travelogue 7 : Anne Frank’s house

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The Thursday January 16, 2020 it was 3e days of school trip, after many hours of car we was arrived in the bike city, Amsterdam.

Was arrived in front of big building who are Anne Frank’s house, we doesn’t really like it’s because the facade was a lot modern, we think of the facade will be little and dsicrete like the house of Amesterdam.

Once inside and have our headphones, we went to the warehouse of Anne Frank father’s. We had a guided tours in every rooms of the houses. Every audio document was a lot emotional and was accompanied with pictures of Anne and her family. The audio related the trek of Anne Frank. Once have seen the warehouse we arrived in front of the bookcase who hidden the part of the house where was hidden the Frank’s family ans the other familly. Once in inside we feel oppresses because the rooms was very small because there were very few of light, because the windows was barricaded. We can seen where lived Anne Frank, we can went in her bedroom where she wrote her famous newspaper. We can seen too some page of her newspaper. Towards the end of exposition we can viewed a interview of the Anne Frank father’s, Otto Frank. Where he explained his felt compared to the newspaper of his daughter, of the war and the concentraction camps. What’s who to mark us it was his words for speak about of Anne. He don’t recognized his daughter through her newspaper, he think she was very mature and right-spirited and she was a lot adult in her way of think.

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