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Euro Section Travelogue 5 : Rotterdam’s harbour

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The Port of Rotterdam: AN ADVENTURE UNDER THE RAIN !!!!!!!

As said in the title, the weather was magnificent ... Indeed Dutch showers, soaked jeans, umbrellas which fly away and in addition, no hoods for some ...

Without forgetting this memorable wait in front of our splendid ship (always in the rain) And thanks to our teachers, we visited the city by making some (big) detours. Once in the boat, you all wonder what happened: we ate!

Aside from this ironic side, we still visited the port of Rotterdam which is the largest European port and one of the largest ports in the world. Its creation dates from the 12 century. It is 42 kilometres long. This port has continued to expand over the years, this port is mainly a commercial import port with a huge container traffic. Every years 30 000 ships call at this Harbor. On the right, there were containers, on the left, containers and in front of us: containers!

But what is a container?

It is a large rectangular metal box which is used in particular for the transport of clothing, various objects, food. Sometimes the containers are recycled into housing, and when several are stacked, it looks like a building; Inside, space is limited but the cost is quite low. This is the size of a studio of 12.5 meters by 2.5 meters.

We can compare the port to a huge tree. The channel will be the trunk and the branches, the many small terminals.

We were also able to observe restaurants or floating dwellings. This is very common in the Netherlands because the sea level is relatively high compared to this fairly low country hence the name of the country, the Netherlands!

Article by Kyllian, Matéo, Evan and Sarah

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