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Euro Section Travelogue 3 : Parlementarium

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Parlementarium :

On Tuesday 14 January 2020, after walking in the city of Brussels as well as in the street of the institutions of the Parliament, we arrived before the Parliamentarium.

The Parliamentarium is a museum that contains the explanation and history of the European Parliament. The European Parliament is therefore an institution made up of 751 Members from 27 different States. It is the largest transnational electorate. In 1976, the European Council decided that from 1979, Parliament was elected every five years by direct universal suffrage. Its seat is in Strasbourg where the plenary sessions are held, but the additional sessions are held in Brussels. Its General Secretariat is located in Luxembourg.

So we visited the Parlementarium, which was a very interesting museum. At the beginning of the tour, we had audioguides who followed us throughout the tour. At the beginning of the visit we saw the 3 models of the 3 places where my parliamentary meetings are located. Following the visit we had the explication and construction of the European Parliament. Continuing on the tour, we were able to do several activities such as answering questions on kiosks, making photos by putting a comment, moving on a map of the world to discover information.

It was really interesting.

Article by :Perrine, Laurette and Klara

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