Euro Section Travelogue 1 : Brussels - Lycée Ferdinand BUISSON ELBEUF

Euro Section Travelogue 1 : Brussels

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The first city we visit is Brussels.

Brussels is located in the center of Belgium and has a population of 18,553 inhabitants.Brussels is made up of several territories : which belong to the northern district with a modern extension of the district of north and its tower buildings, the European district and the Avenu Louise district as well as the Bois de la Cambre and part of the Forêt de Soignes. In Brussels, there are different places:

The central district

it is the heart of the Saint-Géry district, formed by the Senne and on which the first keep would have been built in 979, it is the origin on which the city is located. Today, the district around Les Halles Saint-Géry is a covered market, one of the trendy districts of the capital.

The royal quarter:

Called like that because it shelters, on the one hand, the royal palace built under Charles-Alexandre De Lorraine on the hill of coudenberg, on the one of the old palace of Dukes of Brabant and whose certain basic levels still exist, on the other side of which is the parliament.

The Marolles district

In the shadow of the gigantic courthouse is the old working class district of Marolles. There are several other neighborhoods such as the Sablons district, the Midi-Lemonnier district, the Senne district, the Quays district, the Marais-Jacqmai district and many others.

To start, we wandered around the city and were able to admire frescoes, monuments and statues. We have noticed the old architectural style of the buildings. We have observed from afar the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

We are walking past the national bank.

We passed in front of the royal money theater, after that, we admired frescoes all over the city.

Nous nous sommes arrêtes devant le Manneken Pis.

The Manneken-Pis, meaning ’the little man who pisses’ in Brussels, is a fountain in the form of a 55.5 cm tall bronze statue which represents a naked little boy urinating. Since 1920 the statuette on the spot is a copy identical to that designed in 1619-1620 which is preciously preserved in the museum of the city of Brussels located in the ’Maison du Roi’. This statue is very famous in Belgium.

We entered the royal gallery and then came out towards the statue of King Albert I

Then we admired the reindeer Elisabeth statue.

We passed through a small park organized in English then go up a road to the statue of Godefroy de Boullion then returned to the bus to go to the next city.

Article by : Manon, Clélia, Antonin, Erwan.

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