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Euro Section Travelogue 2 : Comic book route

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In Brussels , comics has a very important place. It goes back to the 90s, whenthe city walls were filled with advertising posters. When they were removed, they exposed dilapidated walls. Then, to embellish them, some artists decided to make drawings on this walls. The fist of these is called «Broussailles», and was realised by a Brussel resident Frank Pé, in the Plattesteen district.

In this presentation, we will present to you our visit of Brussels through the comics strip. First, we arrived in Brussels at 11 a.m., and we start the tour in rue de l’Ecuyer where we have seen a first fresco: «Gaston Lagaff» of Franquin.
Then, we continued our tour in Brussels and we discovered many other comic frescoes such as ’Tintin’ by Hergé, which was realised in July 2005, ’L’Ange’ by Yslaire, then ’Néron’ by Mark Sleen, ’Ric Hochet’ by Tibet and Duchâteau, ’Victor Sackville’ by Francis Carin

Article by : Yann, Mattéo, Lana, Pierre and Valentin

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