• Discover the Univers - March 2020

    Universe is huge and it contain many objects that humans do not know or yet do not understand. Therefore, we tried to understand some of them. In this topic, we will explain you what is the difference between black holes, white holes, and wormhole. For each of them, we asked us a few questions, who and when they discovered them, later, we wondered how they were created and how they work. Black Holes are supermassive celestial object that causes a very high gravitational attraction that (...)

  • Ariane 6 - March 2020

    Hi! Today, we’re uploading our new radio program on Space Technologies and evolution of astrophysics. Here is an interview between our presenter and a scienctist from the ESA.

  • Apollo 13 - March 2020

    After the first moonwalk thanks to the Apollo 11 mission and it crew composed of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. The United States of America wants to the first country to land on the moon many times. The mission Apollo 13 was supposed to land on the moon, however their was some problems in the spacecraft. This mission is very famous because of the sentence pronouce by Jack Swigert "Houston we’ve had a problem..."
    The Apollo 13’s Crew:
    James Lovell, commander; Jack (...)

  • The fourth dimension history - March 2020

    Ludwig Shläfli discovered, at the XIX century, the fourth dimension. In fact, he thought that if the first three dimensions exist, by analogy the fourth dimension should exists. Then, he demonstrated that a shape in 0 dimension is a side of the first dimension, a shape in first dimension is a side of the second dimension, and a shape in second dimension is a side of the third dimension. So the third dimension’s shape is a side of the fourth dimension’s one. As an example : If we (...)

  • Wormholes theory - February 2020

    Wormholes, also known as Einstein-Rosen bridges, are hypothetical entities that look like an hourglass. The particularity with this object is that it can’t be detected by any human machines, therefore we still can’t prove their existence. But some scientists want to believe in it.
    Wormholes are described as sort of portals that link two separated points in spacetime that we could go through in a instant.
    Problematic: In the movie Interstellar, is the wormhole conform to the (...)