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  • Euro Section Travelogue 10 : Brugges - 6 April
    We visited the city of Bruges which is the capital of West Flanders with 117 260 inhabitants with 855 inhabitants per square kilometre. We went to that city on Friday, January 17 th 2020. In the (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 9 : Amsterdam - 6 April
    Thursday 17 january, we went to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. After lost the half of the students at the off of the bus because of the many bikes (first mean of locomotion in (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 8 :Rijksmuseum - 6 April
    RijksMuseum The Rijksmuseum is a famous museum in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The first opening to the public was in 1885. You can go under the building to pass trought it, and you arrive in (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 7 : Anne Frank’s house - 6 April
    The Thursday January 16, 2020 it was 3e days of school trip, after many hours of car we was arrived in the bike city, Amsterdam. Was arrived in front of big building who are Anne Frank’s house, (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 6 : Humanity house - 6 April
    Wednesday, January 15, 2020 La Haye The Humanité House Wednesday afternoon, we went to the humanity house in La Haye. It’s a museum founded by the dutch red cross in 2010. We met Mohamed (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 5 : Rotterdam’s harbour - 6 April
    The Port of Rotterdam: AN ADVENTURE UNDER THE RAIN !!!!!!! As said in the title, the weather was magnificent ... Indeed Dutch showers, soaked jeans, umbrellas which fly away and in addition, no (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 4 : Cubic houses Rotterdam - 6 April
    Once we arrived in Rotterdam, we headed for the cube houses (from the Dutch: kubuswoningen) they were built in the 1970s in Rotterdam and Helmond (North Brabant) and designed by the architect (...)
  • Euro Section Travelogue 3 : Parlementarium - 6 April
    Parlementarium : On Tuesday 14 January 2020, after walking in the city of Brussels as well as in the street of the institutions of the Parliament, we arrived before the Parliamentarium. The (...)